"Imagine! There IS A Way to Have Satisfied Repeat Customers, Who Keep Coming Back for More...Without Giving Away Your Profits or Integrity!"

From: Gavin McCoy
Date: 2014-01-24

Subject: Get Them to Buy...without the Hype

Dear Fellow Online Business Owner,

Whether you've been online for one month or 10 years, the words on your website are the one crucial element which can make or break your business.

That important element is communication.

Think about it for a minute, offline sales people train hard and work for years to improve and tweak their communication skills. They take training courses, attend seminars, and practice, practice, practice. They also have an advantage to selling that we online business owners don't have. They use their body language and gestures to gain your full attention and can speak directly to you.

don't know about you, but personally I'm too shy and not pushy enough to make it in the cut-throat offline sales industry. I started my online business to find an easier way to sell. I thought there must be a way to reach an unlimited number of people without having to cold call or hunt leads down.

And thankfully I was right. Online customers will come to YOU. Forget harassing people who really don't want to speak to you. Imagine people coming to you to learn more about YOUR products. Customers who are...

    • Eager to hear about you, your services, your business and all you have to offer.

    • Excited to see your next product launch and are ready to buy.

    • Willing to give you their email address so you can give your product recommendations.

    • Happy to give you repeat business and unexpected praise and feedback.

There's just one problem, if your website isn't communicating effectively with your visitor - you lose a potential subscriber or worse yet, a potential customer. You aren't there to personally greet your website visitors, so your website MUST communicate effectively.

Using the right words on your web page - also known as copywriting - can help you get more subscribers and customers. And you can do this, all without resorting to hype or other unsavory tactics rampant on the web.

For example...

In reading about copywriting, you may have learned about something called, "Killer Copy". The idea behind killer copy is that you can sell anything to anyone. You know, the old saying about being able to "sell ice to an eskimo"?

Sorry, I'm not much into being a "killer" with my copy or selling things to people that they don't need. I'd rather educate my customers to help them make the best purchasing decisions. If my products are not what they need, I don't want them to buy it. PERIOD. If my products are crap (and they're not, of course!), I'm not going to hype them up with that good old-fashioned "killer copy" only to have them ask for a refund the minute they receive it.

There's definitely a better way to approach copywriting in your online business. You can still be persuasive without going over the top.

If you're looking for:

  • Long-term, repeat customers

  • Salesmanship that establishes your credibility

  • The ability to sleep well at night

...you've come to the right place and I have something just for you, but you may wondering...

So Who The Heck Is Gavin McCoy
To Tell Me How To Write Copy?

         As an Award Winning Journalist, National Air Personality, BBC Comedy Writer, Head of two London Commercial Radio Stations and a successful Media Consultant, I have crafted thousands of Press Ads, Commercials, Sales Pages, Promos, Contests, Trailers, and Scripts. I have trained my teams to do the same things.

My background in broadcasting and journalism taught me how to use the minimum time to get the maximum impact. It doesn't matter if the medium is video, audio, social media, online or print, the customer will only give you limited attention. Every word counts.

I discovered that there is a success formula hidden in every piece of great advertising copy. The right words turn on the cash stream, the wrong words produce a money drought. Not knowing which elements to put in or leave out will cost you cold hard cash.

Congratulations if you already know what they are, but if you don't please read on
 because I'm going to shortcut, what it took me 30 years to discover!

My ultimate goal is to only share useful strategies and to provide helpful tools.

So, let's get back to how I can help with your copywriting. I'd love to share some of my own approaches to copywriting and give it all to you step-by-step, so you can start applying these strategies to your business starting today. 

After all, nobody knows your business better than you and you are the most qualified person to write your own copy. Even if you think you can't write...you might just turn yourself into a pro with the Copywriting Sweetie Training & Software Course.

Here's how to...

Learn How To Write Sales-Producing Copy, Even If Don't Consider Yourself A Great Writer

You don't have to be a literary genius to sell your products online. If you know your products well, understand your target market (we'll help you with that) and can put a few sentences together, you have what it takes to develop your copywriting skills.

If you're looking for a simple way to get more sales, here's just a small sampling of what you can learn:

  • Why design is crucial to your website's sales (and that doesn't mean a beautiful site with all the bells and whistles)

  • How to write attention grabbing headlines that will pull your reader into the copy

  • When to clearly guide your readers to a “call to action” that gets results

  • Where to write product descriptions that sell instead of the bland uninspiring descriptions found on many sites

  • What keeps your sales message consistent and does not confuse your visitors with too many options

  • How to make your writing flow throughout your copy and make your readers eager for more

  • Which one thing you should include in testimonials to turn them into a powerful sales tool

  • Know the difference between how to write to get the sale and how to write to give something away

  • Why every sales page should include a P.S. – In fact, P.S. really should stand for "powerful sales" message.

  • You even receive step-by-step software to help you put your marketing messages together quickly and easily.

Let me tell you more about the course and software, but first, I thought you might like to hear from those who have already used my course.

Copywriting Success Guide

Course Breakdown: Here's What's Included

So you know that you're making the right decision on signing up as a Copywriting student, Ive detailed exactly what's included. The following components can help you start selling more of your product...starting today:

"Copywriting Success Guide"

This step-by-step guide will take you through important terminology, how to make the most of your copy and practical exercises to apply to your existing or brand-new website.

Here's what you'll learn in this straight-to-the point 27-page copywriting guide:

  • How learning copywriting will put you way ahead most of your competitors

  • Why your target market might not be what you think it is and how you can use that information to make more sales

  • Finally understanding what is unique about your business and sets you apart from your competitors 

  • Which the features of your product are extremely important, but aren't likely what will sell your product best

  • The hidden secret to writing effective bullet points that will make your potential customers eager to buy your product on the spot 

  • How to craft headlines that will keep your website visitor and your website and hungry to learn more 

  • Another kind of headline that will keep people reading all the way to your order link 

  • The vital ingredients you need to include for highly-effective and believable testimonials 

  • One thing that must be on every page of your website, but most website owners completely miss 

  • Tips to speaking directly to and truly connecting with your audience 

  • Why grammar isn't all that your high-school English teacher cracked it up to be 

  • How to set up your website for more sales 

  • Getting more of your visitors to buy now, instead of putting it off until later (and likely forgetting about you completely) 

The training guide will give you plenty of ideas to go start writing your own copy or fixing some of those glaring problems on your website right now.

And, you'll also get access to my:

"21 Common Copy Mistakes"

I've also included a useful quick downloadable guide that highlights 21 common mistakes made in copywriting and how you can can avoid them.

If you want to make your visitors stay at your website longer and to say yes to your products more frequently, this quick guide is for you.

Join me as a Copywriting Student and you'll be armed with the education, tools and experience to sell more with your sales copy. If you're not quite sure if you should take the plunge, allow me to tell you this...

When You Check Out The Course, As Always, You Are Automatically Backed By The 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I never want you to worry about purchasing a product from me. I always take care to deliver the best information and put it into an easy-to-follow system -- but I want you know this...

Sign up to be my copywriting student today and take up to a full 30 days to evaluate and put the training to work. If you're not able to start increasing your opt-in and conversion rates, just tell us and we'll give you your money back. No questions asked.

Consider if your 30-day trial period to discover that the words you choose on your page can dramatically increase reader responsiveness and turn them into satisfied customers that will order your products over and over again.

Grab your spot for the low price of $37. By securing your download now you'll receive the low, low price PLUS all the copywriting training you need to get started.

Yes! Gavin, I'm Ready To Start Writing Copy That Gets Results.

Provide me with instant access to your Copywriting Training Course, so I can start creating my own attention-grabbing sales copy. I understand this course includes instant online access to:

    • Copywriting Success Guide that teaches you everything you need to create copy that sells.

    • 21 Common Copy Mistakes guide.

I understand that if I order today, I can take advantage of the incredible price of $27.00 and I'll be able to access everything instantly.

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Copywriting Success Guide

Learning copywriting may, at first, sound overwhelming or daunting.  The Copywriting Training Course was made with this in mind. I'll give you all the tools you need to easily start writing effective copy... but it's up to you to apply those skills. I can't wait to get started!

All the best,

Gavin McCoy

Your Partner in Online Success

P.S. This product will show you how to use your written words to get your prospects and customers to say yes AND more importantly you'll learn how to do it all without hype, gimmicks or tricks. 

P.P.S. Don't forget, you're backed by my 30-day money-back guarantee.